Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Fever

     Spring fever is setting in big time.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel. . . school tunnel, that is.  We are about four weeks away from wrapping up the school year.  23 math lessons left to be exact, but who's counting?  

     Thankfully, I've learned to schedule our school year according to my style -- an early start in August when we're excited about clean notebooks and sharpened pencils, and an early finish in May when the sunshine is beckoning us to abandon it all for whatever whimsy we can find.  Seasons are a beautiful thing, and I think this one is my favorite.  Just as Thanksgiving holds anticipation of Christmas, spring means summer is coming!  

     We operate similar to a college schedule, which means we also take spring break a little earlier.  We enjoyed a great week together embracing all the local hot spots (aka: a staycation).  Since we're rubbing pennies together for adoption expenses, we got a little creative and still had a good time on a smaller budget than other years.  

     We searched the house for items to list on Craigslist and a week before the spring break adventure, our wares made a great virtual yard sale.  It's amazing what people will buy, and it's more amazing what the kids were willing to part with! With money they earned, they chose the activity.  When all was said and done, we had some nice pocket change to live it up in Hampton Roads. We certainly accomplished the daily schedule our "planner children" set.  

     So if a picture is worth a thousand words, here are some to re-cap our time.  For everyone else on spring break during the next little bit, enjoy every minute.  It's a great taste of summer comin'!

Paddle boating and picnic at Newport News  Park

Lots of pizza was consumed this week!
A few nights on the VA Beach oceanfront
(thanks to the hook-up of a great friend!)

Sam LOVED the coffee bar!
Jake lost his first tooth!  Thankfully the tooth fairy doesn't take vacations! 
Family art night with lots of fun creations


  1. Love it! How fun to see your precious family. Miss you guys so much!

  2. In Louisiana and CA they run on the August/May school year and I love it, too. By August we are all ready to head back to school and by May we are well over it! It's going to be a hard adjustment moving back to Virginia's Sept.-June school year.
    Love all the pictures! It sounds like you guys had a fabulous, fun week!

  3. So fun. Um, you realize that your daughter is a mini-you, right? :-)