Friday, April 29, 2011

Moving Forward

     It’s official!  We’ve moved a very small step forward in bringing our child(ren) home.  Many of you prayed with us as we faced some crossroads with plans to adopt from Ethiopia.  After much discussion and prayer, we feel directed to continue our journey with this special country.  Once our home study was completed, we mailed it along with a few legal documents to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.  While a home study considers parenting aspects, this next document is adoption pre-approval based on our standing in the eyes of government (good thing we’ve paid all our taxes!). 

     At exactly 1:27AM today, I awoke to the beep of a text message stating our paperwork was safely in hands of government officials.  For those in the adoption world, you know it means we’re still way out in the process, but every stage builds on the one before so it’s worth celebrating.  I found a few things funny about the text message confirming the papers were safely in the right office:  1). The government is now texting.  Really??      2).  My kiddos are all out of town, and I still woke up in the middle of the night for something child-related.  I can vividly remember being kicked in the ribs by a stretching baby, or having to go to the bathroom several times a night during pregnancy.  Bringing a child into our family through adoption is still waking me up at all hours too – and I LOVE IT!

     Speaking of the kids being out of town, I’m enjoying a very rare 48 hours of solace.  It’s not often (and I mean really not often) over the past 11 years that I’ve found myself home alone.  A few days ago, Brian came home and suggested he take the kids to visit family in NC while I have a little quiet time for myself.  Have I ever mentioned that I am blessed with the best husband ever?  While I slightly resisted the idea of everyone leaving me, I must admit it’s been a really sweet gift that I needed.  So what’s a woman to do by herself?  Well, shopping, beach bumming, lunch dates, Barnes & Noble, gym time, chick flicks, quiet time with God, and reading!  Thank goodness I’ve got some precious pics from Easter to gaze at while I await their return. . .

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