Monday, November 29, 2010

One Thousand Gifts

     Black Friday.  Cyber Monday.  Free Shipping.  Earlybird Specials.  Tis' the season for deals, and every retailer on this planet is trying to lure us towards the perfect gift for everyone on our list.  For some reason, the glitz and glamour of the glossy ads aren't impressing me this year.  Don't get me wrong, I love shopping just like the next girl (maybe more), and I humbly confess that I used to own a t-shirt with the script, "Shopping is my therapy!"  But something is wrong when the amount of money we spend on one plastic battery-operated toy could feed a family in Africa for a month.

     How have we lost our way?  We fight to keep "Merry Christmas" in our retail establishments, yet aren't we the very ones taking Christ out of Christmas by feeding the consumer frenzy?  Keeping Christ in Christmas is more than semantics -- it's about actions, sacrifice, compassion, and crazy love.  I love giving gifts, and there will be several wrapped under our tree on Christmas morning, but I pray that the biggest gifts I offer this year will be those that can change lives immediately and eternally.  

     If you're looking for a different way to give this year, perhaps you'll find the perfect gift through one of these trusted sites:

     I don't think I could keep a goat hidden in my "Christmas closet", but wouldn't it be fun to surprise a family in the Uganda with one?  Just one goat can provide enough milk for nourishment as well as income from the sale of extra milk to purchase other necessities.  How about a couple of chickens for Christmas?  The protein from the eggs may very well keep a toddler alive all the way across our planet.  I'm getting really excited about my Christmas shopping now!

     P.S.  I'm so glad God gives me gifts of grace every single day.  I don't know about you, but I tend to overlook some of the most special gifts so I've decided to intentionally start jotting them down as a way to worship with gratitude.  I started my list in my Thanksgiving post, and I've joined up with an online community who gives thanks every Monday.  Won't you join me?  You can read more about this group here:

One Thousand Gifts

     This week I'm thankful for:

13.  warm covers over me and arms around me as I fall asleep

14.  children’s forgiveness given to an imperfect mother

15.  an evergreen candle filling the house with memories of when we had a “real” tree

16.  really good vitamins that balance out the Costco hot dog dinner

17.  6-second kisses around every corner

18.  candle-lit Advent talks on blankets around the Christmas tree

19.  photo cards from friends that I yearn to see in person

20.  the colors of fall not quite yielding to winter

21.  brisk family walks on the Noland Trail

22.  sweet support from friends joining us in our adoption journey

23.  rom-com movies with a man who gives me daily rom-com

24.  children who (for the time-being) think yard work is a game

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  1. this is great jess we will be looking at giving a goat or a you guys